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Dec 1, 2009

CosRain.Com Arisa's Profile
Name: Arisa Mizuhara

Height: 164cm

Country: Japan

Birthday: Nov 22nd, 1900

Hobbies: Nap

Favorite food: Chocolate, cookies and cheese

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Orange Juice

Cosplay History: I started in December 1999’s Winter Comiket. My first cosplay was Dejiko Arisa Mizuhara is a professional cosplayer. For her, it is both work and hobby. As professional cosplayer, Arisa Mizuhara models in costume for photoshoot and cdrom, makes special appearance and performances in roadshow and cosplay events as showgirl.



Kagetenshi said...

Nice pic XD

Anonymous said...


110 years? D':

Anonymous said...

some cosplayer on cure born in 1900 XD

Anonymous said...

1900 =_= ars she want a key 19xx ? XD

Yoroshiku ne~

from ; Kano-THAI

pharmacy said...

What an awesome costume, seems that you are a cosplay expert!

SeraphDeathGod said...

why are u peaple talking about the date she was born??? there are better things to talk about like ......the duck cosplay of epic. XD

Aya 'Anne said...

ne.. by seeing arisa-sama's photos i learn many things about cosplay. SHE IS A SENPAI FOR ME *^_^* i want to meet her personally someday. ..

Anonymous said...

1900 ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Brilliant cosplay and cute ladies

Anonymous said...

It is your true birthday 1900?

Unknown said...

cute elizabeth cosplay :) why 1900???

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