Twelfth "WS animation colleagues created the game" exhibition

Mar 15, 2010

CosRain.Com Twelfth "WS animation colleagues created the game" exhibition debut next weekend in KaohsiungBy the Southern 10 high schools and tertiary institutions in the number of pairs of comics very enthusiastic young students formed coalition called the Wing School ACG community sponsored "WS animation colleagues in the exhibition game," the upcoming debut next weekend in Kaohsiung.

"WS Animation colleagues in the exhibition game," organizers said that as the activities of the non-profit purposes, intended to provide love comics all over Taiwan, the creator of video games to watch each other, exchange places. In addition to sharing each other's work and grow together, but also hopes to have this bring out more passion for the community feel the Taiwan strong creative stage.

The event held for the first time since 2005 that received wide acclaim as the recent activities of the twelfth will be held, the organizers estimated that about 300 will be on the 2nd movement of the cartoon video game-related internal and external communities, to participate in 4000 with fellow travelers. Those who are interested may be to the official website for more activities in the latest intelligence.


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