Kelly's COSPLAY - BlazBlue (2010/07/02)

Jul 2, 2010

Kelly is cosplaying as Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue. A renowned doctor living in Orient Town, located in Kagutsuchi. She owns a clinic there and is helped by her assistant Lin Hua. She worked with Tager and Kokonoe in Sector Seven until the incident where an unnamed man of importance to Litchi became Arakune. She defends the local townspeople from Arakune and seeks to restore him to his former self through any means necessary, even through death. She also seems to respect Bang, even apologizing to him if she defeats him in a match, although she remains unaware of the true extent of his feelings for her. She is often subject to adoration for her noticeably large bust, particularly from Taokaka who likes to grope them. She is well-known and trusted by the Kaka clan living beneath Kagutsuchi, often bringing them food or teaching their members. At some point she took an object from the Boundary, her panda hairpiece named Lao Jiu. It acts as an amplifier of Seithr, and seems to allow her control over her staff. She is also the main character in the supplemental "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!" episodes, where she attempts to teach Taokaka the intricacies of the BlazBlue world.
Litchi's Drive, Mantenbou, controls her autonomous staff of the same name.

CosRain.Com Kelly's COSPLAY - BlazBlue
CosRain.Com Kelly's COSPLAY - BlazBlue
CosRain.Com Kelly's COSPLAY - BlazBlue


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