KOYUKI's COSPLAY - Moka Akashiya (2011/02/09)

Feb 9, 2011

KOYUKI is cosplaying as Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire Season2. Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香 Akashiya Moka) is a fictional character from the Japanese anime and manga series, Rosario + Vampire. The female protagonist, she is a sweet and kind-hearted vampire and the first to befriend Tsukune Aono, the human male protagonist. And despite the danger it entails for him, he remains on campus, with one of his motivations for staying with Moka. Her Japanese voice actor is Nana Mizuki, who is responsible for performing the theme songs for both anime series, while her English voice actor is Alexis Tipton.

CosRain.Com   KOYUKI's COSPLAY - Moka Akashiya
CosRain.Com   KOYUKI's COSPLAY - Moka Akashiya
CosRain.Com   KOYUKI's COSPLAY - Moka Akashiya


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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Pretty and cutez~

Anonymous said...

Where did u bought this wig?
I really love it and ur cosplay is perfect! Wonderful! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I forgot, my email is moka_akashiya_the_vampire@hotmail.com
Please tell where u bought the wig!!!

Anonymous said...

hey my ame is klayton walter kalinowsky i am ten years old i just whated to let you that i am a vampire and i am not kiding i live in huston texas on brinkmen street i whant to know wheer you got that roseery

Anonymous said...

hey its me agen klayton i was not ling about beying a vampire i whant to know if i can awdishon fore the show i uest to play gohaun on drangon ball z kai if you
pleas wloud respond cood you

Anonymous said...

hey its me klayton yokia acadamyis not real but i am going to try to bild it
when i become 120 years old and also scoona the actres is my cusen and i am not
kiding and you probly dount belev me about being a vampire but its true i am a
vampire i am going to try and make the move become a true.

Unknown said...

The reason some dont belive u is ur damn spelling*rosario,belive,gohan,where,want,audition,(check)

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