Midori Kanda's COSPLAY - Saki (2011/06/25)

Jun 25, 2011

Midori Kanda is cosplaying as Nodoka Haramura from Saki. Nodoka Haramura is a first-year student who attends the same school as Saki and is a member of the mahjong club. She was the previous year's National Middle School Individual Champion. Nodoka always carries her penguin doll, affectionately named Etopen, to give her a sense of calmness when playing mahjong. Nodoka first saw Saki sitting by the river and reading a book; the two of them formally met later in the Kiyosumi Mahjong club after Kyōtarō brought Saki to their club. Her skill, in comparison to Saki's, comes from practicing via online mahjong. She has an ability where she views mahjong tables digitally on a mental level; this ability ignores other player's presences in the game, giving her an edge against players with an ability to manipulate presence. At the mahjong tournament, she is the vice-captain of the team. Her nickname is "Nodocchi" (のどっち) (which is same as her screen name in online mahjong) after her play style, quickly and efficiently racking up points as fast as possible. At first she berates Saki for not even trying but afterward when she does try her hardest, she warms up to her and they become close. She is left-handed. Nodoka has considerably large breasts, something noted by many of the other characters especially Yuki and Saki who are both flat-chested. Nodoka's Presence, as seen in episode 2, takes the form of angelic wings.

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