Midori Kanda's Every Day (2012/01/12)

Jan 12, 2012

CosRain.Com Midori Kanda's COSPLAY - Every Day


Anonymous said...

Serene, like Suzuka.

Anonymous said...

Still extremely beautiful as always. I wish for more photos

Anonymous said...

inb4 perfect is an understatement for her/goddess on earth/etc...

Happy new year Midori !

Philidia said...

Midori is sleeping. Genzo could be comprehensive and let her sleep... :D

Winter seems to be hard !

Anonymous said...

I wish I can her someone like her

Anonymous said...

Even when she sleeps... She looks so perfectly pretty
Makes you jealous doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

She makes my heart skip beats each time I see her

Anonymous said...

you know what...just one pic...
midori can get her fans to post a comment(it was already more then 5)...:)
so,we truly have a goddess on our earth...:)

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