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Dec 1, 2009

Welcome to the CosRain.Com. The photos posted in this website are mostly found on the Internet. They are not us. If you would like to post your photos on this website, you can sent us Email or by Submit News. We can’t promise we’ll be featuring all the photos receiving, but we wil do our best!

If you would like to claim some of these photos to be yours or would like us to take them down, please send us Email with proof that they are either you, or your photography.

Thank you!


gimmebeer said...


you have a spelling error in your page title

CosRain.Com - CosPlay Photoes, News & Videos

Photos = Right
Photoes = Wrong

Yami No Hime said...

hey, could you please post from what song your costumes came from especially when someone's cosplaying a Vocaloid character...
tnx and more power :3

Anonymous said...

Horizontal photo is very small. Used java script Highslide - increase photo by clicking.
Sorry for my english.

Dzeide said...

Hola , Jus wisi neturite daug protelio

AnnRose said...

I want to see Uri's Profile & Blog..?! Is very cute ^.^

Anonymous said...

hey i wanna know more about KIPI! she is awesome! :D

Unknown said...

hai , can you post miyuko cosplay picture ? thans ~

Anonymous said...

por favor vuelvan a subir fotos de esas hermozas cosplays

morr said...

will you continue posting cosplay images? Sad to see you've stopped doing it :(

Or can you recommend me some another site similar to yours?

penylo said...

waiting for your update a long time but you look like busy now :(

Anonymous said...

Lupo said:
Great to see you updating the site again!

Anonymous said...

Cool site!!keep on it :3

Unknown said...

มีคนไทยไหมนี่ ถ้ามีช่วยตอบด้วย

Unknown said...

how can i put my cosplay photos here ?

Anonymous said...

Why did the site just "stop", I don't see any cosplay, I used to wake up every morning and look at the new cosplay, but there's none now. :(.

Anonymous said...

am sad.. am very sad to see this page "frozen"
well i hope sooooome day in future to see it back and kicking.. for now i'll jsut stop visiting here..

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